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 Larus puppies available for reservation

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 Welcome to our website. We love our dogs and we love the breed. We believe in the FCI and SV standards for the breed. All of our dogs are selected to out-perform in the Trial Field and the Show Ring. Our committment to the sport of Schutzhund and the German Show Ring are undying.

*Oct 2010 V1 Virginia, US Judge Rudiger Mai
*May 2010 V7 Germany Judge Wolfgang Lauber
*Aug 2009 V3 Germany Judge Uwe Sprenger
*Jul 2009 SG1 Germany Judge Uwe Sprenger
Sep 2008 SG 10 BSZS Judge Otto Kober-Ahrens
*Jul 2008 VV1 Germany Judge Wolfgang Babilon
*June 2008 VV 1 Germany Judge Bernd Nagel
*June 2008 VV 1 Luxemburg Judge Wolfgang Babilon
*May 2008 VV 1 Germany Judge Otto Korber-Ahrens
*May 2008 VV 2 Germany Judge Reinhardt Meyer
*May 2008 VV 1 LG 06 Germany Judge Sprenger
*May 2008 VV 1 VDH Dortmund Judge Spenger
*Apr 2008 VV 1 Germany Judge Bernd Weber
*Apr-2008 VV1 Germany Judge Henning Setzer
*Mar-2008 VV1 Netherlands Judge Peter van Oirschot
*Mar-2008 VV 1 Belgium Judge Heinz Scheerer
*Jan-2008 VV 2 Netherlands Judge Gerard Bakker

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